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Diversity is good for business.

Employees in diverse workplaces are likely to be more engaged, motivated and productive.

Interact Australia is one of Australia’s leading not-for-profit Disability Employment Service (DES) Providers

Interact aims to bring job seekers and employers together to create more inclusive and supportive communities.

Studies show organisations that embrace diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace experience improved staff productivity and retention, employee morale and culture, and successfully achieve values-based CSR outcomes.

Benefit from the diverse skills brought into your workplace, and play an active role in creating meaningful change and positive outcomes within your industry and local community.

Read more about the significant business benefits of employing someone with a disability, including accessing government wage subsidies, visit the JobAccess website.

A collage of 4 images illustrating how Interact Australia helps and supports people to find employment

Interact supports people living with a disability, who are looking for employment.

A leader in employment services, we believe that every individual deserves to experience the benefits of being employed.

Each candidate undergoes extensive interviews and screening to ensure they are matched with the best job placement to complement their skills and potential.

We provide proactive hands-on solutions and support to ensure the success and growth of both the employee and their employer.

In some cases, your business may be eligible to receive a government wage subsidy.

Looking for engaged, motivated and productive staff?

Register your interest and talk to our friendly staff to discuss your business and staffing needs.

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