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The objective of this policy is the effective management of personal information at IntoWork Australia and the IntoWork Australia Group of businesses.

Personal information is defined as information or an opinion about an individual who is reasonably identifiable.

It is recognised that the management of personal information includes the collection, maintenance, security, use and disclosure of the information.

IntoWork Australia acknowledges the obligation to protect the privacy and personal information of our clients and staff in accordance with privacy legislation and the Australian Privacy Principles.

It is the policy of IntoWork Australia and our businesses that:

  1. Personal information is managed in accordance with the privacy legislation, the Australian Privacy Principles and the IntoWork Information Security Management System
  2. A person with appropriate knowledge and experience in the requirements of the Australian Privacy Principles has a defined role to act as the businesses’ Privacy Officer
  3. A Privacy Statement is implemented and maintained by businesses to achieve the objective of this policy and the management of personal information specific to their operations
  4. The IntoWork Australia Privacy Policy and the Privacy Statement are made available on the business’s website
  5. Documented procedures are implemented and maintained by businesses for providing access to an individual’s personal information and for making a privacy inquiry or complaint.
  6. Management and staff involved in the management of personal information are provided with appropriate information and instruction for the implementation of the Australian Privacy Principles
  7. The personal information management systems are periodically reviewed as a basis for continual improvement of its suitability and effectiveness

Implementation of this policy at each IntoWork Australia business is the responsibility of their senior management. The maintenance and review of this policy is the responsibility of the Group CEO. The review will be conducted in consultation with the senior management of IntoWork Australia businesses.

This policy has been developed in consultation with interested parties and with consideration to access and equity principles and legislative requirements.

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