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Road Trip to Success

Dynamic Recruitment Partner duo Da-en Preston and Dario Prasnikar took a road trip to North Brisbane with six eager participants for their first group induction.

All participants eagerly went through the induction process for a local food manufacturer, and are keen to commence work immediately.

Da-en and Dario have found it very rewarding to be able to offer the food manufacturer a number of keen and reliable workers, as well as establish the beginning of what is hoped to be a long term relationship, helping to provide further opportunities down the track.

Both Da-en and Dario have worked hard to fill 20 vacancies that were on offer, and are excited for the wonderful opportunity the group of participants have been offered. As always, all age groups, nationalities and genders are provided with equal opportunity.

Sean, a participant, remarked that he was “feeling good and confident and looking forward in starting the induction”.

We look forward to updating you on their journey!

Six DES Participants Complete The Induction Process For A Local Food Manufacturer
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