Wyatt and Carlin’s Success Proves Anything is Possible with Hard Work and Support

The story of Wyatt and Carlin is an inspiring one. It shows that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. Their success is a testament to the power of support and mentorship. It is a reminder that when we put our minds to it, we can achieve whatever we set out to do. The support of Interact Australia and Hekton Joinery has been instrumental in helping these two young men to realise their dreams.


Wyatt and Carlin have been on a remarkable journey, full of commitment and determination. It all started when Sue Anderson, a Business Development Consultant from Interact Australia, was looking for an apprentice joiner/carpenter to join Hekton Joinery, a successful joinery business in the Latrobe Valley for over 20 years.

Wyatt, a student at LaTrobe Valley FLO, was eager to take on this opportunity, and both parties were impressed with one another. Sue took Wyatt to the interview and he then started his work trial on the following Monday. Within a couple of days, Hekton Joinery’s owner, Tony, offered Wyatt an apprenticeship. Tony was delighted, as he had been trying to find an apprentice for several months.

The apprenticeship was a great opportunity for Wyatt to gain valuable hands-on experience in his chosen field of joinery. He has worked diligently and built strong relationships with the other members of his team. Wyatt has almost completed his first year.

Sue was also eager to help her long-term client, Carlin, as he made the move to Morwell. She reached out to Tony, to see if he would be open to taking on another apprentice. Tony was more than thrilled to have Carlin join his team and in January this year, Carlin was enrolled in an apprenticeship. Tony was excited to see what Carlin could bring to the table and was eager to help him grow into a successful carpenter. Carlin has learned a lot from Tony and has proven to be a valuable asset to the business. He has even expressed interest in one day taking over for Tony when he retires.

Tony could not be more proud of his protégé and is looking forward to seeing what the future holds for them both.


Wyatt and Carlin have been on an incredible journey, full of dedication and tenacity. The support of Interact Australia and Hekton Joinery has been invaluable to both Wyatt and Carlin. Sue Anderson has been with them from the very start, providing mentoring and support. This has enabled them to find their perfect job and take their first steps on the path to success. Hekton Joinery has provided the opportunity for Wyatt and Carlin to not only gain an apprenticeship and start a career but to also further develop their skills and knowledge.

Wyatt and Carlin have shown that if you put your mind to it, and with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.