Dreams and Teams Work Together


Living with a disability can be a daily struggle, and finding employment can sometimes feel like a massive obstacle. Interact Australia, part of the IntoWork Group, is making significant progress towards changing this by promoting inclusion, equality and employment opportunities for clients with disabilities.


The dedicated recruitment partners at Interact work closely with their clients, moving them closer to being employment-ready, whilst having a client centered approach. Interact is excited to announce the placement of five clients into sustainable employment in Adelaide. This great outcome was made possible through effective collaboration between the Interact team and fellow IntoWork businesses – Mas National and iTFE.

Four of the Interact clients have commenced Customer Service and Administration roles at Mas National’s Contact Centre in Adelaide, while the fifth has joined iTFE in an Administration role. To ensure their needs continue to be met in the workplace, Interact will provide ongoing support to the clients and their new employers.

Several of the clients previously participated in Mas National’s RIDE Program, run by Project Coordinator Paul Kitchen. The program was established to boost the confidence and skills of at-risk unemployed youth, providing pathways into training and employment.

“The success of these young people demonstrates the depth of opportunity the IntoWork Group can offer,” said Paul.

As part of this commitment to promoting accessible employment, staff at Mas recently undertook Autism Awareness training which will add another dimension to the inclusive nature of the work being carried out.

Mas and iTFE have reported that their new employees are off to a great start, are extremely professional, and taking their jobs very seriously.

The effective teamwork between Interact, Mas and iTFE has enabled meaningful change in the lives of people living with disabilities. We look forward to sharing many more success stories in the future.