Rise to Shine

Interact Hoppers Crossing participants Dut, Perry and Nick have recently commenced studying for their Certificate II in Information Digital Media & Technology at Victoria University.

The three young men are all aiming to find work, and understand that studying will help them reach their goals and provide greater employment opportunities. Other courses the young men had been interested in pursuing in the past were too expensive, the pre-requisite studies did not suit or were difficult to access.

Dut had disengaged from learning as he had not found the work he had been provided challenging enough. “Interact have supported me to learn using things that interest me” he says. Since engaging with Interact, Dut has become an independent traveller, completed a Cert I in Work Education, obtained his Learner’s Permit and is now undertaking his current course (Certificate II in Information Digital Media & Technology). Interact have also linked Dut into a DES program, which will assist him with finding employment.

Perry was unsure about starting a new course due to a negative previous experience. “Interact staff told me about the course, explained what it was and assisted me in finding out more. Once I started, it was the exact opposite of my prior experience. It is closer, I made friends and the teachers are understanding. It has given me a fun experience in school.”

Nick faced some personal challenges in engaging in social environments, but after engaging with Interact he has faced his fears and is studying in an area he enjoys. This has also led to a more positive weekly routine – “I was nervous to start the course but once I did I felt great. I got over my fear of talking to people in a bigger group. I am an early bird now. My parents are happy for me as I was always staying in my room but now I’m at school until 5pm!”

Interact staff provided them with choices and encouraged independent decision making, allowing Dut, Perry and Nick to engage in meaningful education and further develop life skills. Nick says “the staff at Interact are helpful in everything they do.”